Kumartuli Beckons...

It is that time of the year when Kumartuli is in a phase of heightened activity... Everything seems to be moving faster... Work is on full swing for the Pujos which are fast approaching. The straw work is mostly over, the basic structure is ready, and the models of clay and mud are finally getting an identity... a face!

The hands which are moulding these faces perform nearly an act of worship... one is creating God. Measured moves - a result of years of doing the same thing each year... What a feeling just to be in the presence of these artisans! Wow!

It is really an amazing time for one to go photographing here. Just so much to shoot.

And then there are times when one notices something funny... something that was not in the scheme of things.

Like this artisan wearing an "Enter The Dragon" tee with the "Demon" drying itself out in the sun.

Come, lets explore this wonderful little world of Kumartuli.

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