About Calcutta Photo Tours

A vivid city rendered in elegantly striking contrasts, Calcutta is a treat to the travelling soul and a fresh canvas to photographer’s eye.

‘Calcutta Photo Tours’ is a unique travel company that has been formed with the spirit of celebrating the variegated flavours of a centuries old city. We are here to bring out the city before you as never before, in all its tastes and colours, striking all chords of life that churns up in the city. We believe that the beauty of Calcutta lies in its complexity that exudes unforgettable warmth and a raw charm, which can be best appreciated by a trained eye. This city is more prone to the lens than most people believe it to be, and so we are here to share with you ‘the Calcutta experience’, to enable you to be more responsive towards the powerhouse of emotions that Calcutta is.

So, what makes us different from any ordinary travel company?

We are here to offer you a combination of photography training and a chance to explore this wonderful city – its history, its culture - to understand its various facets. During the tours we will add value to your photography skills, and help you to translate this value by helping you take better photographs while guiding you through a city, exploring its major tourist attractions in the backdrop of its cultural significance. Live photo-shooting, photography tips and instructions, browsing through the instructor’s photographs for a more visual training, and a general view of the socio-cultural setting will enable you to go back from Calcutta with an enriching experience.

Calcutta Photo Tours is not restricted to tourist destinations – in a city like Calcutta you just can’t afford that! Of course, there are a few Photo Tour companies across the globe that offer a more ‘inside’ experience of cities, but it is the first of its kind in Calcutta. What we intend to offer you, is a more wholesome experience of the city, and in a sense, an experience that is more local. From major attractions to unnoticed corners, Calcutta can set your photographic taste-buds on fire. We will guide you to the city’s heart, providing you with relevant annotations on historical background where applicable, or sometimes just let you immerse yourself in the moment. A finely knitted mesh of information and experience can make the landscapes, streets, architecture, markets and people come alive before you – which we believe our mission to be!

If you are diffident about your photography skills, we assure you it’s the last thing you should worry about. We are here to translate your passion into skills that can be used to capture the soul of the city. A short interactive session with us can get you in sync with most aspects of the art, and then you can go on an adventure with your lens all on your own.

Calcutta Photo Tours wants to make your stay an unforgettable one at an intellectual and artistic level. Whether you come here alone, or with family and friends, we want you to have an experience here that gnaws at your heart to come back to the city again and again, long after you have left it behind...

As Henry Miller puts it, ‘’One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.”

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