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National Camera Day

When a little birdie said that today is National Camera Day (err… don’t ask which Nation) a photo that I wanted to share for a while topped the list of options for a photo to commemorate this day. 

In today’s world of these, “days” for just about everything under the Earth AND hashtags to boot why should National Camera Day be left in the lurch! 

So here is a self-portrait (rejoice all ye selfie queens) of Annapurna Dutta c. 1920

Who was Annapurna Dutta you may ask, and to quickly answer that, I quote Siddhartha Ghosh :

“Annapurna Dutta, a Bengali photographer, appeared on the scene in the 1920s. Although she was not the first professional woman photographer, she was the first to enjoy a long career in photography and to earn her living from it. I heard of Annapurna Dutta from Kalyan Saha and his wife, Namita Saha. They had regaled me with stories about the exploits of their “artist aunt” who would appear with her camera for every family function. It was they who gave me the name of Annap…